Honeyboy And Boots Husband Wife Guitar Cello Duo

Our two albums, Mississippi Duo andWaiting On a Song, our available on our website, iTunes, Amazon and here...

We have a lot of exciting news to share, and want to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us in the InBlue Handmade Contest!!! We are honored to say that because of your support, voting and sharing we have won!! We now will have awesome new merchandise for sale at our shows from InBlue Handmade, Asheville NC!

​You can check us out in November's issue of YOUR Williamson Magazine, a community magazine in Franklin Tn!  Thank you Andrea Davis for such a great article! You can read it here…..

Most recently we had a wonderful time working with Amy Richmond during our video/photo shoot in downtown Nashville!! Here's a link to watch …….​

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Merch shop is up and running! Check it out folks!

honeyboy and boots husband wife guitar cello duo // honeyboy and boots original folk blues music